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Hey! My name is Hannah and I’m an art director based in Detroit, MI. Don’t let that fool you though. I’m willing, let’s be honest, more than willing, to go anywhere. I am always craving adventure and new atmospheres and I am truly looking forward to where in the world advertising will take me. If I’m not working on ads, I’m most likely at Kroger, cooking or prepping food, juicing anything I can, swimming in chamomile tea, drenching myself in lavender or peppermint essential oil, or pretending I know how to work out. I truly enjoy finding and doing things that make me feel happy and sharing them with others. I have a passion for being creative, helping people, making people feel good and making people laugh. I am grateful to have discovered that creative advertising is a wonderful way to do all do those things.


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Tel - 586.441.2532